It all started with a simple email, “You been selected to be featured in People, We lost 100 Pounds.” Was this scam? I looked at email from the sender, Googled it and it sure seemed legit. I replied with an, “Absolutely!” Few days later it all started to get real. I received another email asking me for all my sizes from head to toe. I have never actually been measured for clothing, so I measure numerous times just to make sure they all came out right. Then the question that got me all nervous, “Do you mind sending a full…

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Benefits of Good Fats

THE IMPORTANCE OF FATS!! Many people think that eating fats like nuts, avocados and coconut oil will make them fat. Fats are essential for life. This is why they are called ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS!! There was a time when people were told to go on a low fat diet and moving to fat free food, only produced a fatter America. All the food that was fat free now was loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners that have only had a negative effect. The function and benefit of essential fatty acids: Required for 60% of brain function Increases ability to burn…

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Plan for Success

We all know that losing weight is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. We start a “diet” and are on it for a week or so and then we slip and are back to old ways. This cycle continues and it gets to a point were it then affects us mentally and we then begin to doubt ourselves. The first step I took was preparing myself MENTALLY. I, too, had started many times and all lasted a few days and then it was back to hold habits. I took a week or so this last time and sat down…

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