Benefits of Good Fats

THE IMPORTANCE OF FATS!! Many people think that eating fats like nuts, avocados and coconut oil will make them fat. Fats are essential for life. This is why they are called ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS!! There was a time when people were told to go on a low fat diet and moving to fat free food, only produced a fatter America. All the food that was fat free now was loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners that have only had a negative effect.

The function and benefit of essential fatty acids:

  • Required for 60% of brain function
  • Increases ability to burn fat
  • Important for maintaining proper temperature
  • Precursor for hormones
  • Lowering triglyceride levels
  • Reducing plaque from arteries
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Repairs old cell membrane and create new
  • Strengthens cells and capillary structures
  • Prolongs blood clotting time (great blood thinner)
  • Manufacturing and balancing of cholesterol
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • Assisting in the functions of glands and hormones
  • Needed for hair, skin, and nails


Fats are needed for your memory, mood, hormones, skin and hair. The right kind of fats can even help your body to burn fat. Healthy fats help to keep your cells soft and pliable so that nutrients can transfer into the cell and waste can transfer out. Fat also helps you to feel full and satisfied.

Many times when people decide to get healthy or start working out they will cut fat out of their diet not realizing how important it to their health. In a relatively short period of time, they start to see problems with their hormones (from the lack of cholesterol that is needed to produce their hormones) and soon woman no longer have a cycle and both male and female have no energy because this is needed to help with proper adrenal function.

Cholesterol is necessary for half of your cells, and vital for endocrine function especially the adrenal glands, which make your hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone to name a few. Foods rich in cholesterol like fish and eggs are some of the best things you can put in your body. I have seen models that have cut all fat out and when they have their cholesterol checked it is high. The liver will produce it, because as you can see, it is vital for all cell function. Fixing it isn’t as simple as eating foods with cholesterol. It take time for your liver to realize it doesn’t’ need to produce it.

When it comes to fats the trick is to choose healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats like trans fats that are found in chips, fried foods like donuts, margarine and in baked goods you find that are pre packaged.

If you are looking to lose a little fat, your fat should be anywhere from 25-50 grams depending on what you are trying to accomplish and of course it will be lower for a small female vs. a large male.

I hope this information helps you to realize how important the right fats are in your diet.



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